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Lucien Séraphin FERLITA
Tracing a long professional career, from evening and through twilight, Lucien Séraphin FERLITA’ spoetry unfolds - his poetry for living, his poetry for living happily. Inspired by beauty, by thereal inner resources of his mind, of his heart, and his desire for excellence, he continuely hones his emotions, and his words
“Poet of the fraternity”,“man of the pure dawn”, lover of wisdom, philosopher practitioner, “songs at the ready, he sings about love as a whole and in detail”. He’s been invited by several radio stations to their programmes - twice by FR3. Generously, he gives “treasures for living and helps us draw closer to one another”.
Some of his favourite authors are Hugo, Verlaine, Georges Brassens and Claude Nougaro.
A mere servant of the Arts, “it’s easy to imagine him day dreaming, smiling at friends; that’s Lucien Séraphin FERLITA”.
“Moi mon Philosophe”
The precision, the power of his words, still echo today: his immense joy, his behaviour, his rules for life.
He is no sterile jeremiad; rather he offers solutions that always abound with love, logic, common sense; he find endless replenishment at his own source of mental rejuvenation.
This is why his first CD album “Provence dell’Arté” overflows with poetry, poetry for living, poetry for living happily.
His second CD album “Cassis”,made up of his songs, arranged and interpreted by his friend Jacques DAU, perfectly blend the great talent of these two artists.
In a word,Lucien Séraphin FERLITA’s keystone is his Treaty of Personal Philosophy.
From Art to the Art of Living, FERLITA does not rely exclusively on the leading lights of reason, of emotion, but uses rational analysis of human thinking, and then makes available to all his method of usable and structured philosophical construction.
The results are bestowed to him direct from the heart, from reflection, from Mother Nature for future generations.
“La culture des Neurosois”, “however, leaves an indelible mark of sensitivity and openness on religion and faith”.
“Songs at the ready, he sings about love as a whole and in detail.”R.M.
"Lucien Séraphin FERLITA, man of the pure dawn, he needs more than just the disappointing reality of relationships. For example, fraternity…" G.C.

"He embraces POETRY, one of the paths to human profundity.
He focuses on Poetry for Living and Poetry for Living Happily.
Always questioning, curious, communicating… he generously gives us the fruits of his experience, to facilitate each individual’s development of heart and mind. His very fine poems, beautiful songs are the link to true little pearls of wisdom, treasures that help us to live better and bring us closer to one another. THANK YOU!"
“I have to tell you that I reallyliked your album; I listened to it carefully. Your words and musical arrangement lifted my spirits. I love your philosophy”. E. M.

“Artist really liked songs of good taste,
Composed, written and all for us,
Tenderly, to sing them better
So,Well done sir… don’t stop!”
From your first CD, it is clear that it is great to be happy, to express that joy artistically and to share it. The work is so sincere and absent of any artificial reworking.
The second CD is interpreted by the actor-singer Jacques Dau, who offers his own arrangements to some of Lucien Séraphin’s titles. Love of Provence, its legends and its people.
Radio C.
“Very well done! I admired your courage on stage; I liked your performance enormously!
Don’t stop. It’s great to see a man like you always trying to improve, or even surpass himself!”
“We are here because we are optimists; this evening we are in the presence of a person that I admire very much. He is called Lucien Séraphin FERLITA. Lucien and his texts; Lucien and his bonhomie; Lucien and Provence; Lucien and La Comédia Dell’Arté - everything that we really like. For me, Lucien is one of our cultural gems”. E.M.

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